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There is a legitimate reason couples never establish a habit of discussing sex.

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But at night, when no one is looking, you drink, and when it gets really bad, you take a Xanax, too.

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You, after all, are the only one in control of how your life goes.

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This attitude has a historical context in the Pentecostal religious tradition in which Hollis was raised.

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In the United States, the movement gained momentum in the early days of the 20th century with several well-known revivals, the most famous of which was the Azusa Street Revival inled by a black preacher named William Seymour.

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The word alone instills a feeling of uneasiness.

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What a woman may not know about how a man really feels about sex.

Yes, I have a family, a special needs kiddo, a husband who travels internationally, but I can do this.

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And that is because men joke, not talk, about sex.

What is honesty when your life is your brand?

But the more a person ignores the subject, the more uncomfortable it is to have a conversation about it.