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It was more like going to the salon and instead of having one massager I had five, andthey were working on my must sensitive parts.

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If he wants to watch his buddies use me well here comes the show, I decided.

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As I lay there it dawned on me, they had keep their word.

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Oh this was feeling good.

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As this went in andoutI feltanother hand rubbingmy stiff littleclit.

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I moved toward her as he rubbed her back, I kissed her on the lips then the neck and began working my way down her neck to her chest.

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The wine had longago worn off, so I know I was hearing what he was saying.

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Lifewas good.

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Beth then held the mistletoe against her lower belly, approximately five inches above her beautifully trimmed vagina and stepped forward.

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Ok give me a minute guy.

Mike, who had just been softly rubbing my legs andstomach said" dam all she needs now is a cock in her pussy andoneinhermouth" And I thought like that will ever happen!

We have had several more adventures sense then.

I felt a finger slide into my wet pussy,thought about saying that is going too far then decided not, it felt so good.

I had shared several women in the past and had learned what their concerns were about having sex with two men at the same time.

I immediately went up to him and kissed him on both cheeks, he bought me a drink and we started talking.

No one could see it, no one could use it, andI couldnotshow it off.

Until last night it was if I owned the best sports car in the world, but it was in a create in the garage.