What to do before and after sex.

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Perhaps you are anxious to remain welded to the skin of another, trying to block out your churning gut as the post-coital perspiration between you sours like yoghurt left out in the sun.

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Because doing both is important for your reproductive health.

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In one study at the University of Missouri—St.

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Two other main reasons women faked it were that they felt insecure or abnormal, or they just wanted the sex to be over.

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By Anna Gordon.

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While wiping your vagina especially after sex avoid using fragrant soaps and strong vaginal washes.

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To protect yourself, use an antibacterial wipe or spray like this organic toy cleanerIglesia advises.

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But just in case, it's an exercise where women squeeze their pelvic pierced tongue oral sex muscles — the ones that can pause your pee mid-stream or help your, uh, grip strength — which tones them for better bladder control and stronger orgasms.

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You can also boil these toys in hot water for 10 minutes or so.

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Similarly, any type of pain or bleeding post sex can be indicative of an infection or friction due to the condom.

Talking after sex is a great idea and you should try it!

Y'know, eventually, someone you have sex with is going to expect this.

All good things.

Period Fixes.

Making love can improve your heart function, lower your stress and anxiety levels, reduce aches and so much more.

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