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Inwith the show losing viewers with each episode, Peyton Place aired in one installment a week until the final episode was shown in June.

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Only Martin and Hannah know the truth before Betty learns it from Rodney.

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Fred tells Marsha and Carolyn he's being transferred out of town, allowing them to make new lives, but Carolyn can't accept it at first.

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Martin decides to leave Peyton Place for his health's sake.

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Newspaper editor Matthew Swain Warner Anderson tells him people usually try to get away from towns like Peyton Place, not move to them.

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She pours them tea and he uses his own tea bag, laced with poison so he may kill himself before he reveals any vital information.

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Suzanne notices that Grace is packing a suitcase and Grace tells her that she is going out of town with her boyfriend for the weekend.

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Betty, confused and hurt because he offered no reason for breaking up with her, discovers she is pregnant and tells Rodney.

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Jill Smith Joyce Jillson comes to town with an infant she claims is Allison Mackenzie's child, provoking battles between miss fitness sexy nude Carsons—to whom Jill gives the baby for care—and Rod, who thinks he may be the baby's father, but who was unaware Allison might have been pregnant when she left Peyton Place after rejecting his marriage proposal.

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With his name clear, Elliot eventually marries Constance, but their decision to reveal to Allison that he is her real father, and that her mother hid that fact from her to protect her from association with a convicted murderer, does not go over too well with a daughter who had a firmly established view of the fictionalized father she had been brought up how 2 have sex with sex with your self believe in.

Two television movies followed.

Eventually, Humps is placed in the bed between them and later has a stroke.

When Rod tells Michael at the hospital he can't feel anything, Michael brings him to critical neck surgery and Rod begins a long, painful recovery from his paralysis.

Just a reminder that Sex Education is a television show and we wouldn't necessarily suggest starting your own sex advice business at school.

When the guards begin pulling inmates down, Suzanne panics and becomes violent towards herself and the guards.

Despite continuing to struggle with his feelings about his family heritage and his father's and grandfather's manipulations, Rodney tries to convince Norman to accept financial help from his grandfather.

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Norman and Rita's graduation night is spoiled when Joe tries to assault Rita, who tries to keep it secret.