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Please don't use that argument of silence when Jesus knew others would certainly come after Him and write according to what the same Spirit spoke through Him.

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By James O.

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Moody - "I can't stop a bird from flying over my head, buty I don't have to let him build a nest in my hat".

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This was one of my earliest memories as a five or 6-year-old child.

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That is the plight Jesus came into when he entered the scene

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During those years I became aware that God had a purpose for me.

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On another occasion she and I argued over an incidental matter.

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FAQs Tim's Blog.

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The next night he vowed to do the same to the other ear if she did not stop crying.

A female friend from seminary visited my town, and we spent time together.

This lovely lady and I did not marry; today she is married to a wonderful Christian man and they know the story and are very supportive.

I appreciate your effort, and I understand your heart, and I tend to agree with you, and your insights are good.

Alan Wilson.