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At the end of the film, there is possibly a moment of self-recognition, but nothing definitive.

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I used my initial reaction to this one line to shape how I would depict the mystery around what Herbert was doing in the woods.

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He has a family that he supports.

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He has a family that he supports.

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By staying with Herbert the whole film, you do not allow the viewer to dismiss him as a monster.

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Frank gives Herbert the yearnings of a poet.

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There is a section in the poem where Herbert has gone to visit his father and he sees that his father is engaged with sex slut in sholapur new family in a way that he never was with Herbert.

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Young Herbert kills a goat on accident, while trying to have sex with it, when it strangles itself at the end of its tether in an attempt to get away from him.

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Lowell told him that there were some subjects that were suitable for poetry—and this was not one of them.

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We see murder after murder in film, but in a poem it seems infinitely darker.

Certain stories are being selected and told in a specific way for a desired effect.

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The tension builds because we are not allowed outside of his cycle of violence.