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Here's How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm.

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Here are eight positions to help you orgasm, whether it's your first or fourth round of the night:

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This pose tightens her vagina, plus gives her more control of the angle for when you plunge deep.

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How to do it:

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So when you head off on your journey to even more amazing pleasures, bring along the best.

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The Long and Short of it:

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Get down on all fours with your partner kneeling behind you and have them plunge inside you, grabbing your butt for balance.

Stimulating the A Spot also feels incredible, but slightly different to having your G Spot stimulated.

Sex From Behind You probably know that rear-entry is already one of the best sex positions to hit the g spot.

I have been experiencing certain activities that pleasure me for years but just didnt put the politically correct names to the positions and actions.

The Orgasm:

The Rider Another reason to love girl on top!

Top 10 Sex Positions.