Sex in tree house.

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Don't worry, I won't tell anybody; you're secret's safe with me.

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There were others all around listening and already knew about what had gone on in the tree-house months before with my own cousin.

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I did not think much more of it.

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And can I trust others with my secrets?

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However, one day, I was happily in my treehouse, wanking off over a fantasy of one of my hot friends.

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His angular jaws were clenched together as he reached up and climbed up into the tree house.

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The questions for me now are, Will I boldly step in to the power of the body God gave me without fear or shame?

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I had had sex with my cousin.

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I had really been thankful to go to a new school with someone that I knew.

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Can I embrace with kindness and honor what it means to be naked?

I wanted to disappear.

I continued to suck as he moaned, groaned, gasped.

We sang:

Pumping my hard cock, I was suddenly aware of someone outside the tree.

I sat there in the back seat, feeling convicted.

One day in the fall I was playing on the playground at recess.

It was never spoken of again.