Quid pro quo sexual harassment article.

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It is part of your civil rights to be treated equally and fairly in the workplace, sans discrimination.

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Prevention Mechanisms, Policies and Strategies.

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What is quid pro quo sexual harassment?

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International Trafficking Law.

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Stoning or Flogging of Women.

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Role of Health Care Providers.

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Theories of Sexual Assault.

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Common Reactions.

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A secret affair between a supervisor and a subordinate that leads to perceived advantages for said employee is another example of harassment.

For other uses, see Quid pro quo disambiguation.

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Tangible employment actions include demotion, firing, or unfavorable changes in work assignment.

If the complainant and alleged harasser work together, in most cases they should be separated while the complaint is being addressed.

Domestic Violence and Housing.

Evolution of Theories of Violence.