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Some men who use indwelling catheters fold the tubing down the shaft of the penis or clamp the end of the catheter and place a condom over the penis and tubing prior to intercourse.

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Sexuality is a broader term than sexual activity and includes physical, emotional, and sociocultural dimensions; it encompasses intimacy, sex, reproduction, gender identity and roles, reproductive capacities, and sexual orientation World Health Organization,

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Presenting open-ended questions candidly and with a respectful attitude may encourage people with SCI to begin to ask questions and seek answers for their particular circumstances.

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Beck Depression Inventory - II.

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All members of the Dutch Association of Neurosurgery neurosurgeons and residents were sent a questionnaire addressing their attitudes, knowledge and practice patterns regarding discussing sexual health.

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Bickenbach, J.

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Women in the study were mostly desirous of sexual intimacy and thought of themselves as capable of leading sexual lives.

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The impact of SCI on arousal can be determined by assessing the bulbocavernosus reflex and degree of completeness of injury at the S4—5 and T11—L2 levels Sipski et al.

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Individuals with SCI who are at risk for AD should receive early basic education on how to prevent, respond to, and intervene if AD should occur.

Roop Singh Rohtak India.

Educate individuals with SCI about optimal positioning during sexual activity in order to protect limbs from damage.

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After a SCI, men may get erections in one of three ways.

Individuals should feel that their questions are appropriate and welcomed Taylor and Davis,

A survey among patients sexy older women photographs that patients prefer the physician to initiate the discussion [ 32 ], whereas a different study conducted in primary care stated that patients prefer to initiate the topic themselves, but do not object to doctors who initiate the topic [ 33 ].