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Breastfeeding does not affect sex in any way; the only thing you may have to worry about is adjusting with all the responsibilities that comes with having a new family member to take care of.

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Falls in older people living in the community can successfully be prevented by prescribing exercise, according to a major new review of the research evidence.

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Do not deny your husband the affection he needs from his wife simply because you are breastfeeding.

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A survey of older women has found they are happy with their sex lives even though encounters tend to be less frequent, the Daily Mail has reported.

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Two doctors who treated patients at Hacienda, including the woman at the center of the case, no longer work at the nursing home.

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Earlier on Wednesday, the police said Mr.

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The suspension applies only to work with Medicaid-supported centers in the state.

A lawyer for the family on Wednesday said they were aware of the arrest but had no comment.

Law has boosted US nurse ratios in hospitals and care homes 1 comment.

Conclusively, you have to study your body and be ready to accept the fact that your body may not be the same after the birth of your child.

The survey was reported fairly, if uncritically, in the papers.

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Sexual intercourse or the insertion of objects into the vagina after delivery may cause complications even though you have stopped bleeding.

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