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The fact of not sharing certain organs has helped the twins when it comes to diseases.

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The parents of these girls have rejected any unnecessary tests.

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Conjoined's director.

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They made themselves known to the world.

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Hale, introduced the twins as the "Siamese Youths", a name they preferred to "boys.

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The twins are optimistic and believe that there are two guys that will be perfect for their unique situation.

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Altogether, there were twelve daughters and nine sons.

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Figure 8 Films The documentary was a success for which TLC decides to propose to the twins their own reality show.

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Doctors are usually very curious, and this type of twins draws attention to the medical community.

After that TLC contacted them and asked them to make a documentary about their lives.

Additionally, the curvature of the spine was corrected.

We want to continue knowing what life has for them.