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Beasley, Delilah L.

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Native American studies.

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The story of an Afro-Cherokee family in slavery and freedom.

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An army composed of French soldiers, Choctaw warriors, and enslaved Africans defeated them.

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For example, the Iroquoian peoples not just the Iroquois tribes often adopted captives, but for religious reasons there was a process, procedures, and many seasons when such adoptions were delayed until the proper spiritual times.

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Missionaries vociferously denounced Indian removal as cruel, oppressive, and feared such actions would push Native Americans away from converting.

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In John Norris' "Profitable Advice for Rich and Poor ", he recommended buying eighteen native women, fifteen African men, and three African women.

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Before the s indentured servitude was dominant form of bondage in the colonies, but by only Caucasians could lawfully receive contracts as indentured servants.

The Institution as Practiced by the English".

Little is known about Native Americans that were forced into labor.

Slaves would often be killed in potlatchesto signify the owners' contempt for property.

Violence over the Land:

In some cases, captives were only adopted after a period of slavery.

Since divorce was accepted and the raising of the child was the responsibility of many relatives, not just the biological mother and father, divorce does not appear to have had negative impact on the children.

They viewed gender and sexuality as a continuum.