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One after the other, the strands of semen landed inside of his wife's hungry mouth as she forced him through the best orgasm of his life.

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Her thoughts momentarily brought her back sexy nude busty girls all the lewd moments she had shared with Naruto; all the nights they had spent in bed were still vividly clear in her mind and every single lecherous detail made her sex tingle with excitement.

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Once they had arrived at the examination room, Sakura made her way inside and saw husband sitting on the bed.

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She ripped her shirt open, revealing her ample chest and with her hands busy feeling herself sneha nude sex photos, fondling her tits and playing with her nipples, she continued to suck harder and faster.

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Leaning backwards, Sakura pulled away from her husband's throbbing cock and watched it jump and drool, begging for her return.

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Bobbing up and down, Sakura rotated her head as she sucked on the large cock; she could hardly wait any longer.

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Inch after inch disappeared into her hungry mouth as Sakura expertly brought him to the peak of ecstasy.

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She was careful not to push him over the edge just yet, however.

Her slender fingers trailed up and down, teasing his veiny shaft while kneading each, individual nut one at a time.

Without thinking, he stepped forward just as Sakura was about to take her leave and accidentally shoved his rigid length against her face.

They can't decide how to fuck Sakura so first of all Naruto plays with her tight asshole with his finger.

She was careful not to push him over the edge just yet, however.

His brief, yet sincere compliment made her heart flutter, making her want to step up her game and give her husband the best blowjob she could ever give; her truly deserved it after all.