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One of the tactics used by law enforcement is to make a suspect think even harder while giving answers.

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Only you and your teen can answer those questions for your family.

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Adolescence is a roller coaster ride of emotions, attachments, friendships, and romance.

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Today, movies and TV pitch graphic images of adult and adolescent sexuality.

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Some people will use more emphatic hand gestures such as pointing when telling a lie.

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But these are all individual decisions, based on your own values, beliefs and the circumstances that arrive at your doorstep.

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Sleep 3.

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Nothing upsets a parent more then when their child lies to them.

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To protect their privacy.

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Do Workplace Wellness Programs Work?

For decades now we have had reliable birth control and people are waiting, sometimes until their 30s, to get married.

If you have taught your teen to look people in the eye when they speak to them, you may note that they are suddenly having a very hard time making eye contact, and instead are looking down.

The same goes for them.

We talk with our young teen about these things often.

Let go of the shock that your teen will lie to you and accept that it will happen.