My daughter says she is bisexual.

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Ask her questions about the people she has crushes on, find out what she likes about them.

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So if your teen announces that he or she is gay, bisexual, or transsexual, listen.

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I watched one of my children die at birth and I will do anything to never see that happen again.

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Shannon says she has always been attracted to girls on a subliminal level.

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My year-old son has been distant lately.

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I want to accept her, but I still hope she is only going through a phase.

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Dawn April 24, at 9:

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Sincerely, Robert L.

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By reading this you are doing what every parent of every GLBT child should be doing:

Imagine their internal struggle when these confusing feelings arose.

You can't change that, and you shouldn't try to.

Shannon told friends shortly afterwards.

One glance at the growing list of young celebrities who claim to be attracted to both sexes would certainly help explain this seismic shift in sexual attitudes.

You may need to read a little bit at a time and walk away to think.