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If he had pled guilty to wife beating, child beating, drunk driving, drug dealing, or attempted murder 10 years ago, he would have those jobs.

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I agree, Mike.

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Western Australia established an operating database back inalthough access to it is limited.

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Both the article and the response should go viral.

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With so many people listed and such a large range of offenses, how can the public know who is dangerous and who is not?

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Cancel Submit.

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According to the U.

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Honestly, I do not know if it was my upbringing, or my confidence in my parenting, or my confidence in my kids, probably a combination of them all, but I have never checked, thought of checking, or ever thought of sex offenders.

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Please direct any requests about information contained on this system to the Child Protection Unit in the relevant police agency as listed below:

Such as the treatment of inmates and the progress in making their living conditions more humane over the years.

If I were to die, he could be denied custody of the children he loves and who love him.

And yet, all the people on the registry and their families are subject to the whims of local and state laws, including severe restrictions on where they may live.

Little do they know the shit storm this could cause.

In many states, they are on the registry for decades or for life, with no chance for appeal or reconsideration.