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It was large and broad, certainly giving us plenty of room to maneuver.

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And since you were so helpful…" "I was helpful!

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It's shameful.

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I had noticed that these walks had become all too frequent, almost daily and I didn't like it.

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L Jun 30,

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I slid my open palm over to her flat stomach, feeling the slow rise and fall of her breath.

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He was soaking in my nude body, his eyes glittering as if in awe.

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He repeated the gentle strokes several more times as my body adjusted to him and it felt as we were making some progress.

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There were so many raw emotions running their course.

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Chapter 2 3.

Pushing aside the lacey material I grin at what I see.

Gossip is for idle minds and idle hands.

Now it was time to put what I had gathered into action.

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Never had I imagined an act like this could leave me yearning for more and more.

And what a body it was.

I looked down to see Maxon's head move over to my right breast giving it as much tender affection as he had done its twin.