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He was certain, considering their history, he was going to find a pass scrawled in the appropriate box.

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More than nervous, he was freaking out.

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The Lottery:

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But that was only because he had done everything in his power not to.

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It had been a good thing during the war, how it had survived to this day was the question.

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Kakashi was standing at his door in his usual slouched posture, a bottle of sake in one gloved hand and the other supporting his weight against the door frame.

Not after seeing Kakashi's affirmative mark next to his when he'd gone to change it a few hours after the draw.

He shrugged.

He had removed his flak vest and the gloves, though his mask remained firmly in place and so did his hitai-ate.

Well, what was done was done.

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They were at war and didn't have time to get involved in affairs of the heart, or any other complication which could potentially distract the soldiers.

They stayed like that for a while, catching their breaths and sharing their warm.

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