List of celebrity sex tapes.

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Apparently, there's more than a bit of truth to that.

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Both of these films are still available online, actually.

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Pam sued, but the tape is still available via subscription on certain sites.

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Her latest album was Lip Lock.

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She likes it

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Watching it is a dull and queasy task.

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Pam, pictured with Tommy Lee, has been married four times

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You actually feel badly that the marriage didn't work out.

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It seems like anyone who's anyone in Hollywood has had, at some point, either a sex tape scandal, a leaked nude photo, or just a plain cheating debacle surface.

Emotional, uh, payoff.

So there's that.

A year prior to that, Diamond leaked his own sex tape, which he directed himself.

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They unironically call each other "lover" and show the appropriate level of bashfulness.

Fortunately, Gayheart was not a huge celeb, so she was able to shake that nude video off her shoulders.

He—he being famed porn star James Deen—has been accused of rape and sexual assault by multiple women.