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Her failure to respond concerns him, and his anxiety increases when she is absent the next day.

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As if on cue, Yuuko returned from the back room, carrying what Hisao had asked of her.

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Misha's laughter rocked the classroom, turning heads.

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Any deity forbid you get one of her bad ends.

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They both finish their meal and Lilly accepts the bill, saying that though she dislikes throwing money around, she'll make an exception for the special moment.

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She learned origami to improve her dexterity and compensate for her blindness.

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To think that the innocent yet deceived Hanako would aid in something so… sinful.

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Finally, their walls broke.

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Shizune took notice of the conversation.

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New Crossovers:

Over the course of the week, Lilly helps Hisao adjust to life at Yamaku and the abnormalities of the students he encounters.

Hisao looked at the register, noticing the rose petals in the bag.

It's from Iwanako, bringing closure to the relationship they never had.

Later when they are alone, Lilly uses some lunchbag paper to make a paper crane.

She needed Hisao to taste her like he always does.

I was younger and stupid, but it still means a lot to me.

Strong willed and forceful, Shizune is definitely the leader type.