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Hold the position for 10 seconds before slowly returning your arm and leg to the ground.

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Dumbbell Reverse Fly.

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Draw your shoulder blades back and lock them in place, then pull your elbows back until your hands are touching your torso, near your bottom ribs.

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Computer work, lab and research-heavy jobs, and inactive lifestyles can weaken your back, chest and arm muscles, and cause you to slouch.

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You can perform this exercise using dumbbells as shown or with a resistance band or cable machine to really feel your upper-back muscles working.

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If you want more of a challenge, try increasing the reps or the weight for each exercise.

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Push Ups.

You may need to use a lighter weight for this challenging move that works the muscles in your middle and upper back.

This is an intermediate back workout designed to help you tone and build strength.