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The narrow opening widens out quickly but you can easily control the tightness further along with your hands.

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The cuff of the glove should be overhanging the long folded edge of the towel.

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I have made most of these.

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Most of these items require lube, rubber bands, and a glove or condom.

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The first one seems deeper and more practical, though, but this one is a little clearer and is, for some reason, done on a grill.

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You still need a glove and rubber band to avoid making a mess, but you can use jello, mac and cheese, grapes, beans and so much more!

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If you have an unloved stuffed animal you can cut a hole in it somewhere and masturbate into the hole using a condom.

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These all have the same building blocks.

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However, being able to accomplish this is not always as easy as it sounds.

Now I know but Ive got better stuff.

If you're lazy AND cheap, though, you could always just go with the traditional blow up doll.

Sandwich a glove between the last two sponges.

This recipe did not work out well for me but I decided to include it here anyway.

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There are just two parts to it and adjusting the tightness is simple.

They are not the same not even close but they are a great way to get a little bit more pleasure from your masturbation sessions.