Hermione and draco sex fanfiction.

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Chapter 7 8.

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Hermione can feel the pain ripping through her.

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The Hogwarts Encounters Author:

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But the idea of sticking his most prized possession in the rear end of another man deterred him.

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Anything other than the answer he had floating in his head.

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This is the reason a wizard would do it, not just for…um copulation…, but if the wizard desired a wife, she would agree to anything for some kind of relief.

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Once they were in their bags, he gestured, silently, for Hermione to let out a moan of pain.

Hermione felt her face grow hot as she diverted her gaze.

Once she stepped into that classroom, the fun would begin… She felt a little off today.

She closed her eyes feeling the room spin feeling a sensation build up inside of her.

His fingers bruised her hips, slamming her up against his cock as he impaled her, over and over again, pumping hard and fast in her.

The question sounded so damn strange.

Today would be perfect, he has Quidditch, he'll be in the air, so it'll mean less work for you…'.

Her eyes, uncontrollably, followed the line of his spine until they paused on his butt.

Draco, on the other hand, was debating as to what to do about his raging erection.