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October 30,

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She has brown hair and her skin tone is slightly tanned as opposed to being completely white.

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Her reaction was between a squeak of pain and a moan of pleasure.

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Dark Lord Vulcan.

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It's from Dumbledore.

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It's so smooth.

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For Hermione, it didn't have a particular taste that she was familiar with, but it was a good taste nonetheless.

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Harry gave a shudder and watched Hermione.

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From a young age, he has enthralled women and when he reaches puberty this escalates.

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Yuletide Blessing in Disguise -:

His instincts are basic and those like a younger Voldemort.

Harry himself found more pleasure in it and didn't feel like stopping.

July 22, Updated:

When Harry wakes up the next morning he finds something there that he would never have imagined.

I hope that now I have actually thought about what I'm doing instead of rushing it, it might be bett, and might actually inspire me to write more chapters.

He gazed at her tits, mesmerized.