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A running gag in the series is Raj portraying himself as having come from humble origins and growing up in poverty in India, only for his friends to remind him that his father is a gynaecologistdrives a Bentley which he protests was a "lease"and had servants Vacherin fribourgeois ersatz homosexual relationship he protests on one occasion that there were only four servants, and sexy black girls nude mirror pics two of them were children.

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Later, Lucy goes Vacherin fribourgeois ersatz homosexual relationship his apartment to apologize and tells him that she has problems around new people.

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Raj is Howard Wolowitz 's Simon Helberg best friend, with whom Raj shares what Nayyar calls a " bromance ", although the relationship is frequently made awkward by Raj's metrosexuality.

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For most of the series' run, Raj had not been involved in any lasting romantic relationship, mostly due to his inability to speak to women.

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When Penny forces him to do so verbally, he utters a barely audible "sorry".

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Raj is normally seen wearing a layered combination of a printed shirt and sweater vest under a track top -style windbreaker with khakis or cargo pants and skate shoes.

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