Federal sexual offender records.

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Sexual exploitation of a child.

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Advertisement Family Watchdog is a free service to help locate registered sex offenders in your area.

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Is there a national sex offender website?

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Are registered sex offenders required to regularly verify that their registry information is accurate?

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Delaware's sex offender registry and the state's public website are updated daily.

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Currently, the means of public notification includes sex offender websites in all states, the District of Columbia, and some territories.

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Unlawfully dealing in child pornography.

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All registered sex offenders must report to SBI in-person on a regular basis, even if none of their registry information has changed.

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Information regarding tier 1 sex offenders is limited to law enforcement agencies.

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Those convicted of more violent crimes are typically required to remain registered for a longer period and to update their address more frequently.

How often are the registry and the public website updated?

When is the public notified?

Some states involve other forms of notice.

Those who wrongfully use such information to harass an individual will be subject to prosecution.

Kidnapping 2nd degree, in the event the crime is committed with the purpose of inflicting physical injury upon the victim, or to violate or abuse the victim sexually.

The registration provides important information about convicted sex offenders to local and federal authorities and the public, such as offender's name, current location and past offenses.