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You can tease them with a just-the-tip situation, or once you get them close, you can back off and start again.

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Most women find the regular cowgirl position to be the most comfortable and enjoyable.

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If the man separates his legs, the woman can put her legs between his.

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You see, when you're learning to ride a bike, you are going to start off thinking about what might go wrong.

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Use your words to guide your partner into an alternate position.

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To make this an active recovery, take a few seconds and move your hips in slow circles with him inside you.

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It may not provide him with a ton of pleasure, but you are guaranteed to enjoy it!

Your partner gets a view from behind, and the whole thing feels really animalistic and hot because you're just going for it without even seeing your partner's face.

Hi Danyel, Sometimes it can be a bit nerve-wrecking the first time you try out being on top.

Most women find the regular cowgirl position to be the most comfortable and enjoyable.

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