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Okay, but white Converse are super common shoes!

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I remember when someone caught a guy getting a beej at RFK, before the Nats moved next to the river.

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View with the roof closed.

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Told my grandma the story about the couple caught having sex at the Indians game.

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You can watch the game from your Room or the game can watch you:

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Eh, I have seen it on a golf course, at tailgating parties, on a mass of boats tied together in the middle of lake Erie, if people are horny they are going fuck.

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All Sport.

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I did it back in and you can wake up and watch them get the field ready, take BP and everything from your room, and the atmosphere of the ballpark emanates right into it.

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Want to join?

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The Indians sell out their th consecutive home game.

What a classic slice of Americana Canadiana, served up in the comfort and privacy of your own hotel room.

The exhibition in how to root for your team has gone viral.

We wonder if he found what he was looking for.

The weather was fantastic, the beer was cold, and the gameplay was exciting.

Just imagine how many more of these we'll see by season's end.

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