Coming out as asexual to parents.

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Be yourself.

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Some decide to remain in the closet until another time.

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Decide how many people to come out to, and whether to do it all at once or one at a time.

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You can be gay and ace.

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People don't tend to prod me about sex and romance, and even then saying that I'm not really interested is easier than explaining the concepts of asexuality, romantic orientations, and aromanticism to someone.

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Although coming out has deep personal significance for a lot of people, the narrative around coming out remains heavily shaped by a deep political history.

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I thought something was wrong with me, and I blamed myself and thought I was broken.

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They may react negatively or think they caused it.

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Most people who came out reported at least one positive experience.

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If you tell your parents or friends this way, they will find it even harder to cope.

It's also convenient if they worry about you getting pregnant

I'm not attracted to the guy at all.

One person came out in two languages while having ice cream in a foreign country.

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I'm pretty sure they still don't believe it's a valid orientation and they're probably convinced I'll change my mind someday

Physical Health.

It's ok if you continue without being attracted to anyone, but as you are still young things could change.

I've told friends and my very best friend is completely accepting and understanding and I love him for that.