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A more rational view, he writes, aims for responsible and long-range hedonism, with tolerance for "petting," nonmarital sex, sex without love, and pluralistic attitudes.

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Ellis's revised classic will introduce REBT to readers yet unaware of its uses in reducing anxiety and promoting clearer thinking about complex sexual issues, including adultery and impotence.

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Judicious although occasionally incomplete updates and several new chapters incorporate gays and lesbians, plus modern examples, sources, and updated REBT approaches for making sexual choices and decisions.

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Books by Albert Ellis.

Ellis originated the rational-emotive therapy movement, which ignores Freudian theories and advocates sex from behind pov belief that emotions come from conscious thought "as well as internalized ideas of which the individual may be unaware.


Description With his approval of masturbation, premarital sex and mutual adultery, the articles of Albert Ellis continue to provoke modern readers, as much as they did when he wrote them in the 50s, with his logical, humanistic approach to the taboo subject of sex.

This article is not an endorsement, but a review.

While sexual life and talk has changed a great deal since the s in the United States, we still struggle with an awkward mix of glut and deprivation, permissiveness and prudery, freedom of choice and government intrusion.