Can you get pregnat from anal sex.

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Common factors include feeling pressured by a sexual partner and wanting to avoid pregnancy, among others.

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Can I get pregnant from anal sex?

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But there is a failsafe way for you to have an orgasm without getting pregnant:

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So is that true?

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Understanding your fertile window can be helpful if you are trying cole and erin having sex get pregnant, but it is not recommended to use the fertile window indicated by your period app as a form of birth control unless you are following the rules laid out by your Fertility Awareness Method FAMwhich may include tracking cervical mucus and basal body temperature, and usually require more "no sex" days each cycle to protect someone from pregnancy.

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Out of every people using only withdrawal as birth control, an estimated 22 to 27 of them will get pregnant within one year 2, 3.

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Withdrawal often doesn't work due to the fact that it's very hard to time the pulling-out correctly.

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By following careful rules that combine the changes in BBT with carefully-tracked changes in cervical mucusyou can estimate the days in your cycle when you have the highest likelihood of becoming pregnant 9.

Sperm inside the anus also the digestive tract can't lead to pregnancy directly.

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Can I get pregnant?

Although lubricants can help prevent tearing and bleeding, shows that they may also increase the risk of contracting infections.

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