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It became standard to print Page 3 photographs in colour rather than in black and white.

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The feature in the British newspaper was reported as having been scrapped in with the edition of 16 January supposedly the last to carry the feature, after a 20 January article in The Timesanother Murdoch paper, said that a decision had been made to end Page adult sex sites free in the present incarnation.

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Lesley Adamson on the Sun lulu sex bomb nude who stepped out of line Turning on to Page Three Who says you can have too much of a good thing, the Sun asked on the day it sent three of its regular models bouncing across the famous page 3?

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It became standard to print Page 3 photographs in colour rather than in black and white.

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Perhaps the most successful graduate from the Daily Star, Kate, 39, launched her career back in as outrageous Jordan.

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Sitting in a field, backlit by the sun, with one of her breasts visible from the side, Hot aunty sex images was photographed by Beverley Goodwaywho became The Sun ' s principal Page 3 photographer until he retired in

Arguing that The Sun newspaper should be removed from sale in Parliament until it dropped the feature, she said that "if Page Three still hasn't been removed from The Sun by the end of this year, I think we should be asking the government to step in and legislate".

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