Body image and sexuality.

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Antidepressants and sexual dysfunction.

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Conforming to certain ideals, which are usually found in advertising and other media.

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How can you improve your body image so that you can have more sexual enjoyment?

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Antidepressants and sexual dysfunction.

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Not being sufficiently aroused can also lead to painful sex and vice versa; painful sex can lead to loss of arousal.

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The relationship between sexual function, body image, and body mass index among women.

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Eating disorders can also result in major difficulties with body image.

Your vagina may not be as moist as it previously was and lubrication can be a problem.

When someone has been abused — sexually, emotionally or physically — they may also suffer low self-esteem and problems with appearance due to feeling belittled or devalued.

Gender, sexuality, body image and eating behaviors.

Bad Body Image?

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