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Chapter 6 7.

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Shoshanna Gabriel is currently working on a Christian inspirational romance novel.

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How about we get these tight pants off of you?

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Is there an unlikely upside to all this:

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Petite and dainty, she was the epitome of pureness, making even the most vestal nun look like a common whore.

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She deals with the Beast to free Belle.

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Belle is ready for Beast to make a move.

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The fairy wands in Sleeping Beautyyou will recall, bestowed the gift of beauty and the gift of song.

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Despite the darkness his beast eyes could see her lithe little body clearly, the pale pink skin and parted lips, her wide hips and narrow waist.

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She heard a deep, guttural growl when he looked up at her and drank in her form.

Strong hands rested on lean hips.

He made his way up the winding gravel path to a stair case made of shiny black granite that wound its way up to a foreboding double door.

He refused it.

There was something in him that called to her.

She smiled at him and stood next to him.

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