Anti homosexual laws in uganda.

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A "person in authority" who becomes aware of an offense under the bill could be fined and imprisoned for up to three years unless the person reported the offense within 24 hours.

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On 26 JanuaryUganda's most prominent gay activist, Rape teen sex video Katowas found bludgeoned to death by his rough trade, Sidney Nsubuga Enoch, who was later sentenced and convicted to 30 years in prison with hard labor.

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It may be that because existing criminal law addresses sodomy oral and anal sexand applies to all genders, that it may not be in violation of Article 21, unlike the Anti-Homosexuality Nancy agram sex photo.

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This provision effectively barred the commission from investigating "any matter involving behaviour which is considered to be immoral and socially harmful, or unacceptable by the majority of the cultural and social communities in Uganda.

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Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported, "The protesters, led by born-again clerics, cultural leaders, and university undergraduates, marched to the parliament where they presented a petition.

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In Junethe Ugandan Government announced the ban of 38 non-governmental organizations NGO it accused of "promoting homosexuality" and "undermining the national culture".

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Catholic bishops oppose gays BillThe Daily Monitor.

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Gays Bill:

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In Junein response to the passing of this Act, the American State Department announced several sanctions, including, among others, cuts to funding, blocking certain Ugandan officials from entering the country, cancelling aviation exercises in Uganda and supporting Ugandan LGBT NGOs.

The bill provided specific definitions of "the offence of homosexuality", for which an offender could receive life imprisonmentand "aggravated homosexuality", for which an offender could receive the death penalty.

Among those in attendance was United Kingdom UK -based evangelical preacher Paul Shinners who commended Uganda for the bill, saying it was a clear stand for God.

Thank you Over 25, of you wrote to the president asking him not to make this law.

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