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He was originally a chief advisor in the court but was banished by King Andragoras because brains generally makes braun angry and confused.

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She literally is the ultimate queen and I think her slightly more subtle sexiness is what got her on this list over the other contestable girls in this show.

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Euphonium Episodes:

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Kari Born and raised small town Minnesotan, USA who moved to the nearest metro and thought it wasn't big enough, so she decided to pursue her dream of moving to Tokyo with her husband.

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April July Asuka, being born on Christmas, is truly a present indeed.

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We laughed, we cried, we saw a lot of Amane inside and out no pun intended.

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The lovely part about her being on this list and in this anime means you get to see plenty of her throughout the whole series.

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Shiraishi herself is one of the seven original witches whose powers is body swapping, done by kissing, hence why you see her kiss Yamada so often because she will only kiss him.

Who his identity is and the story behind it is pretty cool, however, and only adds to his overall awesome character.

Archer himself is a heroic spirit that was summoned by Rin Tohsaka to participate in the Holy Grail War.

Is it a curvaceous bod, defined pecs, or maybe the ability to slice down a foe in one swipe?

Euphonium Episodes:

The subtle lewd jokes she does always make a good laugh as well.

Sayo Hitsugi from Triage X Episodes:

Asuka Tanaka from Hibike!

The long blonde locks tied into a side pony and the slanted, sultry eyes that would make anyone melt instantly is one thing but the real kicker is his brains!