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But you'll only know when experimenting to find your ideal small volume.

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I am now ready for the second enema consisting of 3 quarts of fairly hot water with 3 tablespoons of Dr.

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The intern.

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Yes, we have done it since, but with precautions.

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Wonder if this ever happened for him.

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I returned for the 3rd enema which is known as fire and ice.

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I was loving it even more!

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It had a nice open collar also with pin striping.

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I said no, it was all I could stand.

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I could tell the bag was empty as I heard the gurgle of the last few ounces trickle down the tube.

Besides I like to watch.

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A pint to a quart fills the rectum completely and the sigmoid partially, depending on the size of the sigmoid.

The insertion was very sensuous as the nozzle had several knobs on it and they excited me as each knob slipped passed my anal ring until it reached the full length.

We were both clean so it appeared to be a good idea.