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People offer different advice regarding how long to hold the water in.

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Again, practice common sense — if you use gloves, change them often and anytime you switch activities.

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Once inserted in the proper place, squeeze the bulb gently.

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He also writes, blogs, teaches workshops and university courses, presents at conferences, and trains sexuality educators.

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Having a healthy diet is a great way to ensure that your anus and rectum remain fit for pleasure.

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People offer different advice regarding how long to hold the water in.

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If you have had a bowel movement recently, there is not large amounts of feces in the rectum — you may find trace amounts, but that is it.

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Those kinds of topics are covered in other, more advanced courses, however.

If the water pressure is too strong, close the clamp, wait, re-open it and let the water work its way through you until the hot water bottle is empty.

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