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Okay, it was a game, a mystery perhaps.

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She thought about the paddle-spanking and blushed.

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She might have asked, but Galen had gone as quickly as he had arrived.

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And while there is potential for abuse, does that potential still exist when the daughter is herself an adult and the ritual is consensual?

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But rarely would it be on the bare bottom.

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This one seems directly linked to both the increasing costs and importance of college in obtaining decent employment.

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Whimpers, gasps japanese sex video game pleadings, sharp thwacks and whaps, twistings and contortings of fleshy rear cheeks… I watch those meaty hemyspheras wobbling to the impacts of the slipper and sometimes that gives me shameful flash-backs.

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My favorite disciplinary tool is an old training shoe with rubber sole family item.

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While cultural traditions vary, the further one is removed from white women of Northern European extraction, the more likely spanking is to be accepted.

Mom is 43 and just last week we were at Grandmas when she yelled at her and ended up bent over the sofa bare assed while Grandma took a strap to her.

It was not an unfamiliar situation for her.

I raised it to my lips and kissed it.

I tried my hardest not to cry loud since her family was downstairs…I howled anyway.

Another factor in the coed spanking equation is that, behind the scenes, opposition to spanking is waning.

She took it and nibbled.

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